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Know your ABC of AB&C

The bribery and corruption risk is becoming increasingly difficult for multinationals to manage. On the one hand there is greater exposure for corporates and individuals in terms of criminal liability. On the other hand the global pressures and complexities of doing business means that managing that risk is getting tougher. The best defense is to ensure your compliance program is sufficiently robust.

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But how robust is your compliance program?

What does it take to reach compliance maturity?

Try our self-assessment tool for a quick analysis. There are 13 questions which should take only a few minutes to complete.

Be realistic in your assessment of your compliance program. Remember that ultimately it could be reviewed by an objective and potentially cynical prosecutor. If a prosecutor has a reason to review the compliance program and believes that it does not reflect a compelling commitment by the company to ensure compliance with the law, the prosecutor’s views (whether reasonable or unreasonable) may substantially affect the treatment that the company will receive.

The scale of your business and the inherent risks that the business is facing will ultimately drive the scope of your program. So for a more in-depth, personalized and free assessment of your compliance program get in touch with us here.